Who We Are

Kipya Africa is a Knowledge Services Company in the Earth Science Business (Oil & Gas, Mining, Geothermal, Construction & Water) in Africa.

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What We Do

At the core of Kipya is technology driven innovation. We design and deliver professional, customized knowledge services, connect businesses with skilled persons, and furnish our sectors with reliable technical and non-technical data.


Kipya Africa provides world-class professional and managerial training for the extractives and energy industries



We provide one of the most trusted market research, data analysis, visualizations and information services for a region that currently has a high imported product/service requirement


Kipya Africa provides highly acclaimed talent for the Extractives and Energy Industries both as Outsourced Project Personnel or for Direct Recruitment

Industries We Operate In


Working with the Water Sector

 Water industry is an area of focus at Kipya Africa. We are keen in areas of research and training. We have offered trainings and generated guidelines that have brought about a revolution in the water sector in Kenya.


Working with Our Mining Sector

We’re one of the leading advisors to the mining industry, working with mineral exploration,production and service companies


Working with the Geothermal Sector

Kipya Africa is keen on supporting in the geothermal industry. We are involved in areas of research and training, technical support and personnel recruitment. Our experience in the Oil and Gas sector helps us in the geothermal sector due to transfer of skills to the industry.


Solutions for our Oil & Gas sector

We excel in providing tailored consulting solutions for the oil and gas companies tackling increasingly tough industry challenges. We are present at exploration and development, production and transportation up to the downstream


Working with the Construction Industry

Kipya Africa Limited offers a wide range of solutions to the
development of construction projects. Our services include both consulting and
technical support.

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